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T.J. Campbell’s crushing division pioneered recycled concrete in Oklahoma.  We have been making it “green” for more than a dozen years and each year we refine and improve the process.  Rather than filling landfills, we recycle nearly 400,000 tons of broken concrete annually. Our recycled materials meet strict testing criteria for quality.  If you would like to preview the materials, give us a call for directions to the nearest stockpile.  Let us quote your next project using recycled concrete and do your part to help keep Oklahoma beautiful.

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Price List - Effective April 1, 2012 (Click to Expand)
Asphalt Plant Products

Type A Asphalt


Type B Asphalt


Type C Asphalt


Type D Asphalt


Washed Fill Sand


Hot Mix Screenings






1-1/2” #57 Class “A” Rock


Recycled Plant Aggregate


Crusher Products - All Crusher Sites
ODOT Aggregate Base Type “A” 10.95
Erosion Control Aggregate 12.95
Asphalt Millings (SP only) 25.00
Crushed Asphalt 10.95
Select Fill Dirt 3.95
Broken Asphalt 8.50
Broken Concrete 8.50
  • Asphalt prices are for standard recycle mixes. Call for quotes on virgin, polymer, or super-pave mixes.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Materials may not always be available - check with dispatch.


Product Descriptions (Click to Expand)

ODOT Aggregate Base Type “A”

ODOT Aggregate Base Type "A".Recycled concrete that is scalped for dirt, crushed in a two stage process, and then screened for proper sizing.  Wire and re-bar are removed with industrial magnets.  Occasionally, small amounts of dirt make it through the crushing process which can sometimes affect the color, but not the performance of the final product.  Our Aggregate Base Type “A” meets or exceeds ODOT Standard Specifications for Aggregate Base 703.01.  This material makes a great recycled alternative for crusher run, gravel, or rock.

Erosion Control Aggregate

Erosion Control Aggregate.Larger pieces of recycled concrete that are sized to roughly two inches in diameter.  This material works great in French drains, construction entrances, and anywhere large, coarse gravel is needed.



Crushed Asphalt

Crushed Asphalt.Aggregate made by crushing and screening broken chunks of asphalt.  Because it compacts readily and is fairly dust free, it makes excellent driveways and parking areas.  Occasionally, small amounts of dirt make it through the crushing process which can sometimes affect the color, but not the performance of the final product. Crushed Asphalt is a low cost alternative to Hot Mix asphalt or Portland cement paving. 

Select Fill Dirt

Select Fill Dirt.Dirt that is scalped off concrete or asphalt prior to crushing.  This is a very stable, easily compacted soil that works well for new construction.  It can be used in building pads, road bases, or any area where structural fill is needed.



Asphalt Millings

Asphalt millings.Milled up asphalt that is removed from a road surface using a milling machine.  The material has a gray to black appearance and makes a great driveway surface.  Millings are a primary ingredient in numerous recycled hot-mix asphalt recipes.





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